Toll Free Number Shows Compassion to Customers in Need

Most business owners dealing in real estate are motivated to acquire a toll free number because they know it will increase call volume. Increased call volume means potentially increased sales. Other business owners who help me with my math homework provide services to people in financial trouble have an additional motivation: their clients can’t afford anything else. To attract a contact while at the same time showing compassion to potential clients, a toll free number is essential.

Toll free number searching

Lisa Welsh searched for a toll free number when she was setting up Your Property Connection with her business partner, Curtis Murphy, in Rocklin, California. Your Property Connection is a real estate investment company specializing in short sales. Most of their business deals with people who are facing foreclosure because they cannot afford their home any longer due to divorce, sickness, or other financial troubles. Your Property Connection negotiates with lenders for a short sale to save their customer’s credit rating and ensure they can buy another home in the future.

Advertising with a toll free 800 number

Putting a toll free number on all forms of advertising for their new business was a crucial step to show customers that Your Property Connection was concerned about their situation.

“We knew that we wanted (a toll free number) because the people we deal with are devastated, and the last thing we want them to worry about is that they can’t afford this phone call,” Welsh explains.

Welsh and Curtis researched the business for several years before opening in 2006. Finding a toll free number was one of their first steps before they even opened for business. According to Welsh, TollFreeNumber.Org was “the easiest to understand, the easiest to look up, the easiest to sign up, and the most understandable website I found about toll free numbers.”


toll free

According to real estate broker Roger King of King and Associates in an article about Your Property Connection, the current trend of foreclosures is pretty bad, and Welsh and Curtis are a rare breed in the cutthroat real estate world. (Placer Herald, May 16, 2007) Though the business is relatively new, Welsh says they have been kept busy. Welsh and Curtis, and other businesses that serve financially stressed clients, are glad to provide a toll free number as a service, and not just a means to make money. And honest, caring service is what they are all about.

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Lisa Welch, Your Property Connection, Rocklin, California 877-YPC-2YPC,

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